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The Twist of Fates Chapter 1


Title: The Twist of Fates

Category: CSI

Pairing: Cath/Other

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of CSI. Nor do I mean any disrespect with portrayal of real people. I also do not wish what is written in this story upon anyone.

One top priority case can change the lives of two women forever.

A/N: I am once again trying something knew with this story. It was requested so I thought I'd give it a go.

This story is dedicated to Kitnkabootle. I hope you enjoy this story hun and that it lives up to your expectations.



Title: The Twist of Fates

Pairing: Catherine/Other

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of CSI. Nor do I mean any disrespect with portrayal of real people. I also do not wish what is written in this story upon anyone.

Summary: One top priority case can change the lives of two women forever.

A/N: I am once again trying something knew with this story. It was requested so I thought I'd give it a go.

This story is dedicated to Kitnkabootle. I hope you enjoy this story hun, and that it lives up to your expectations.


Cath's POV

Sighing I stand from my crouching position over the lifeless body at my feet to answer my persistent phone. “Willows.”

An unwelcoming voice at the other end greets me, “Catherine it’s Ecklie. I’m pulling you off of your current case.”

I can feel the protectiveness and anger swelling inside of me. “Why would you need to do that Conrad?” My tone is chilling, and when Ecklie speaks next I can hear a hint of fear in his voice.

We’ve had a new case come in. It’s top priority, and there has been a request put in for a woman investigator. I want you on it.”

I suppress a groan. I am already well into my second shift, and I promised Lindsay I would be home for breakfast. It’s not often my teenager wants to spend time with me, and I was looking forward to it.

I have to get somebody on this case before I can leave. What’s the address?” I take out the pen and interview pad from the front pocket of my vest.

The Wynn Fairway Villas. Use the VIP entrance. Brass is already there. Give him a call and he can fill you in.” I hear the line disconnect in my ear without a goodbye.

I stomp out my anger knowing it will do me no good. Stopping I take a moment to think of who I assigned to what at the beginning of shift. No one will be free. I dial the number hesitantly, of a woman that recently waltzed back into my life. Our friendship has greatly improved since she did. Pressing call I put the phone to my ear. “Sidle.”

At the sound of her voice I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “Hey Sar, it’s Cath.”

Hey! I wasn’t expecting to hear from you.” The kindness and joy in her words brings a smile to my lips. I never thought this level of friendliness between us could exist.

Yeah, sorry to call during your shift, but I’ve run into a bit of a predicament, and I as hoping you could help.”

Sure. What’s up?”

Ecklie just called me to say that he is moving me onto a high profile case, but I don’t have any CSIs free to process the scene I am currently working on. I was hoping that you could since you are qualified and work for a private business now. It would be the same thing as calling in a favor from Days as far as I’m concerned.”

Let me check with my supervisor, and then I’ll call you back.”

Thanks Sara, I owe you. Breakfast?”

It’s no problem, and I’ll hold you to that.”

I exchange good byes with Sara and then move toward the officer on scene to fill him in on what will be happening.

I return to examining the body for evidence that might be ruined during transport. Looking up I lock eyes with Dave and send him a small smile. “He’s all yours Super Dave.”

Did I hear you correctly? Sara may be rejoining the team for a night?”

It appears that way.”

It’s a shame Grissom isn’t here.”

Mmhmm,” I reply, but I’ve talked to Sara and I know that it’s not. My phone begins to vibrate on my hip. “Excuse me. That is probably her.”

I move away for privacy and pick up my phone. “Willows.”

Hey. I got the okay from the boss. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

See you then.”

When Sara arrives I quickly fill her in. I can tell from her expression that she has taken in every word of my rushed ramblings. “If you need assistance for any reason here is Ray’s number. He’s the most likely to be finished with his case. I don’t believe you’ve met him yet, but just tell him I gave you his number.”

Okay.” I pass Sara the card, and she rips her eyes away from the scene to take it. “Where exactly was the body?”

Face down in the middle of the road. Do you have an empty memory card in your camera?” She nods and passes me her camera, and I pass her mine. “Everything I’ve processed so far should be in there hun. You have my notes. Call me with any questions?”

Of course Cath. You should probably go.”

I send her a small smile and give her a brief hug. “Thanks again Sar,” I call over my shoulder as I get into my vehicle and leave.

I call Brass once I am on the highway. “Catherine, where are you? Ecklie called twenty minutes ago and said you were on your way.” Jim says as soon as he picks up the phone.

Nice to talk to you too Jim. I had to wait for Sara to arrive on the scene before I could lea…”

Sara, as in Sara Sidle?”

The one and only. I’m on the highway and should be there in five to ten minutes. Is that enough time for you to fill me in?”

Not over the phone no. “

Ecklie said the case is high profile. What am I dealing with?”

An actress. She was assaulted outside of her hotel room. The injuries aren’t serious enough that the EMTs had to whisk her away. She is sitting in her hotel room waiting. We are trying to make things as easy as possible for her. Especially since she is worried about the press getting wind of what happened.”

Are you going to give me a name?”

Mary Louise Gummer.”

I’ve never heard of her.”

Oh trust me, you have,” and then he hangs up; ending the conversation.


Brass meets me outside the hotel room and opens the door. I walk into a marvelous sitting room and scan the premises. “CSI Jones from Days already collected the evidence from the scene of the actual attack. Not off the victim though; that’s where you come in. We also need a statement.”

Okay. How long ago was this called in?”

About nine thirty.” I glance at my watch and find it is almost midnight.

My eyes land on the fragile woman sitting rigidly in one of the living room chairs. Blonde hair is disheveled and brilliant blue eyes are rimmed red with tears. Bruises are making themselves present around one eye, on her left cheek, and on her forehead, but those are only the ones I can see. Dark red paths have formed down her temple, and from the right corner of her mouth due to dried blood. There is an angry red slash across her neck. The wound does not appear to be deep.

Behind all of the violence is by far the most gorgeous woman I have ever had the privilege of laying eyes upon. Brass was right I have heard of her. Sitting in front of me is no other than the legendary Meryl Streep.

I nod and smile kindly at her. “Ms. Gummer or Ms. Streep; do you have a preference?”

No,” Ms. Streep replies quietly. The way that she gazes at me with distant eyes, and an overwhelmingly lost expression makes me want to take the woman in my arms and hold her close. Makes me want to take her away from here to a safer place.

Taking a seat on the plum purple couch diagonal from the blonde I glance around the room for a moment giving Ms. Streep a few seconds to herself. Two CSIs I recognize from Days enter the room from what appears to be the bedroom. “Could you guys give us some privacy please? You don’t have to watch the door Officer Daniels.” I lock eyes with Brass and nod. He shrugs and leaves the suite. Once we are alone and the door is closed I return my attention to Ms. Gummer. “I’m Catherine Willows with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. I was hoping I could start by collecting the physical evidence such as fingernail scrapings, swabs, etcetera since it is time sensitive. Is that alright with you Ms. Gummer?”

Yes, but please call me Mary, or Meryl, whichever you prefer.”

Alright. Feel free to call me Catherine.” Opening my kit I put on latex gloves and grab Sara’s camera. “I need to take pictures of your injuries first. Has anybody done that already?”

Meryl shakes her head no. I take picture of her neck, which being closer reveals, a hand print shaped bruise appearing on the sensitive skin around the gash. Her wrists also appear to have hand print bruises forming around them. Once I have taken multiple pictures of all of Meryl’s injuries I look at her. “I know that this can be awkward, but I need to know if you have any more injuries Meryl. Under your clothing perhaps?”

I watch as she visibly gulps. “Yes,” she says in a whisper.

Sighing I close my eyes for a second to compose myself. I wish I didn’t have to take these pictures at all. After going through something as terrifying as assault I don’t want to force victims to go through anymore.

I really hope not to make this any worse for you than it already is, but when I am done with taking samples I am going to need you to take your clothes off so that I can photograph your other injuries. I have a fresh pair of scrubs to replace your clothing for now, or you can get some of your own.”

I crouch down in front of Meryl and send her a reassuring smile. “I’m going to scrape under your fingernails now. If there is any miniscule piece of the perpetrator on you I don’t want to risk missing it.” I gently take her hand in mine. As I scrape under each nail I continue, “Usually I would take the statement first, however the circumstances in this case are different, and seeing as I was not the first CSI to arrive things must be different for the evidence’s sake.”

I see.”

Before I continue I need to know if you were sexually assaulted.”

No…he tried, but…no.”

Thank you,” I lightly squeeze the hand in mine that I have just finished removing evidence from. Meryl squeezes back.

I glance around the suite once more still amazed at what money can get you. “I’m going swab your wounds for trace. I will also need a sample of your DNA for comparison reasons. This might sting a little.” As I swab the wound on Meryl’s forehead she takes my free hand in hers. I don’t pull away.

This is a nice room,” I hear myself saying in an attempt to distract Meryl from what is happening.

It is. A little too much for my taste, but the production company is paying for it so I’m not going to complain. I’m here to raise publicity for my latest film. Do you have to wear this glove if you’ve already collected the evidence from my hands?”

I should. Why?” Without asking she peels the glove off of the hand that is in hers before tightening her grasp on it. Since I am swabbing her wounds we are face to face.

When I focus my eyes on hers she shyly says, “I’m sorry. I should… I just needed human contact…” She sighs, “I’m sorry.”

It’s okay.” A smile curls the edges of my lips and Meryl visibly relaxes. “I’ve heard that you were going to be in town. From my daughter I think.”

You have children?” I run the small piece of cotton through the laceration on her neck, and Meryl winces.

Sorry. I have a daughter. Lindsay. She's seventeen. Do you have children?” I’ve finished with her injuries and I have Meryl open her mouth for a sample of DNA.

I place that in my evidence kit along with my gloves, inside a plastic bag, and close the kit. Through all of this Meryl has not let go of my hand. I’m finding that I do not mind this at all.

I have four children. A son and three daughters; they are all grown up except for my youngest she is about the same age as your daughter.”

That must be nice. Lindsay can’t wait to get out of the house.” Meryl chuckles softly.

It is sometimes, but then you just worry about them ten times more.”

I can see that. Do you want to call your family? Or I could call them for you.” Meryl’s expression becomes conflicted with emotions.

No. I don’t want to worry them when this isn’t a big deal.” I raise an eyebrow and want to protest, but I hold back knowing that it’s not my place. Instead I rub the back of her hand with my thumb.

I have to take the pictures now.” I let go of Meryl’s hand and am surprised to find I miss the contact. Shaking my head slightly I chase away the thoughts from my mind. I then pull out the scrubs, “Here you can use these to cover yourself while I take them. I’ll start with your torso if there are any injuries there.” Meryl stands and places her hands at the edges of her black t-shirt to slide it over her head. I turn to give her privacy and hold out a bag for her to place it in.

There is a knock on the door followed by Brass’ voice, “Everything okay in there?”

We’re fine Jim, thanks. Sorry about that; he means well. Are you ready?”

Yes,” Meryl replies in a faint voice.

When I face her I try not to react in the way my body is suddenly begging to. I want to gasp at the deep purple bruises splayed across her abdomen, but at the same time I want to…I want to moan…

Oh no.

This is a great time for my libido to kick in. Meryl doesn’t need this, but it is exactly what my body does not care about that.

I snap pictures trying to ignore what I am looking at. Creamy skin. Toned arms. Nice stomach. Black bra.

A victim of assault. A person. A woman.

Mary Louise Gummer

Meryl Streep.

Done,” I say trying to mask the desire in my voice.

Meryl slips the scrub shirt on. It is huge on her and covers her to mid thigh. She takes off her loose jeans and places them in the evidence bag.

I can see bruises on the insides of her thighs as well as the peppering of smaller bruises and scratches on her legs. When my eyes meet her stormy blue orbs I discover they are filled to the brim with hurt, and sadness. Fresh tears are building and making Meryl’s eyes glassy. I feel like I am invading a very personal moment.

Which I am.

De-gloving one of my hands I hold it out for Meryl to take. She tangles our fingers as a small smile creeps onto her face. It is one of relief and gratefulness. “I’m glad that you’re okay,” I say without thinking. Instantly I know it is the truth. I’m not thinking of Meryl as a celebrity; I am thinking of her as a new friend. One that I would never wish this upon, and I am flooded with relief that the attack wasn’t worse.

Meryl looks at me questioningly before shyly admitting, “I didn’t think anything could make me feel better tonight, but I was wrong. Thank you Catherine.”

It’s my job, hun.”

That is why you are here yes, but the reason for the way you are treating me, no.” I shrug.

Your welcome.” Quickly I snap pictures of Meryl’s legs trying my hardest not to make her feel uncomfortable. Her grip on my hand is tight, and I can sense the tension in her body from where I am standing. “I’m finished.” While Meryl puts the matching scrub bottoms on I glance at my watch. I might be able to make it home for breakfast with Lindsay. “Do you want to shower before we talk? I can run this stuff to the lab and come back.”

Yes, but please stay…I don’t…I don’t feel safe here…please.” I nod and tighten my grip on her hand.

I’m going to call someone and have them pick up the evidence so that the lab can begin processing it as soon as possible. I’ll make sure it is a woman so don’t stress about that. They will be in here for five minutes at the most. Try to relax okay?” I want to hug Meryl, but I know that isn’t appropriate. Many things that I have done so far have not been appropriate behavior for work. I befriended a victim while I was collecting evidence. I held hands with a victim while I was collecting evidence. Anything more and I would be worrying about compromising this case. Which I refuse to do. Meryl needs me to solve this.

I’ll only be a few minutes,” Meryl informs me quietly. As she begins to walk into the next room I remember when I woke up in a strange hotel room uncertain whether I had been drugged and raped.


Yes?” She pauses and waits, but refuses to look at me. I have the feeling that she is trying to hide tears.

I know that it will feel like he won’t come off of your skin, but please don’t scrub yourself raw. I’m right out here if you need me.”

I know.”


Meryl re-enters the room dressed in a pair of black slacks, a simple white v-neck, with a dark blue, baggy sweatshirt over it. She takes a seat next to me on the couch. “Any better?” I ask quietly.

Barely.” I set up the tape recorder.

Is it okay with you if I use this?” She nods. “Can you confirm that out loud for the tape recorder, please Ms. Gummer?”

Meryl turns toward me perplexed at my formality. I nod with my head toward the recorder and I observe as realization dawns on her. The recorder is on; things have changed. “Yes.” She says in a confident tone.

I am surprised by the sound of it. Her expression has changed to one of indifference and I know I am now staring at the actress. Not the kind woman I have grown fond of over the past hour and a half. The only thing that alerts me to Meryl’s needs is her hand once again seeking out mine.

Can you please state your name for the record?”

Mary Louise Gummer.”

This is CSI Willows obtaining a statement from Ms. Gummer after she was assaulted outside of her hotel room on November 27, 2009. Ms. Gummer, I have been given permission to tell you that there has been a break in your case. CSI Jones earlier collected the security footage from the elevator and it looks as if we might have a photo of your attacker. A broadcast has been put out to keep an eye out for a man matching his description. Can you please tell me in as much detail as possible what happened Ms. Gummer?”

I was coming back from a press conference and dinner around nine. I heard shuffling behind me as I reached my door so I looked over my shoulder, but saw nothing. I wrote it off as my imagination playing tricks on me. The next thing I knew I was being pinned to the wall by my neck. I struggled against the man. All I could smell was the stench of his aftershave and alcohol. I pulled, pushed, and scraped at his arms, and somehow managed to get free. I started to run toward the elevator when he tackled me taking us both down. While he pinned my wrists to the ground with one hand her took out a knife with his other.” I carefully watch Meryl. She has gone into a trance like state. “He pressed the metal against my neck and I could feel it biting into my skin. Knowing that he no longer had to restrain my wrists he used his other hand to unzip my pants. He tried to yank them down and I started to struggle again. He hit me a few times in the face, but at that point I could hardly feel it. All I could hear was my mind screaming ‘no!’ He would have continued if a ringing noise hadn’t come from the elevator making him nervous. Instead he stood up and kicked me in the sides until I was certain he had broken all of my ribs, before fleeing. I managed to get myself inside the hotel room before I blacked out from pain. When I came around I called the police.”

Tears have begun to trickle down Meryl’s paling face. “Thank you Ms. Gummer.” Leaning over I turn off the tape recorder. Cautiously I reach over and wipe Meryl’s tears away with my finger.

We sit in silence until her hollow chuckle fills the room. “You know I’ve played the roles of many women in horrible situations, but I never considered the possibility that one day I would be one of them…”







This was a fantastic beginning and a new pairing which is always exciting ;-)

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thanks. i hope to post more soon but finals are coming up so hopefully those won't get in the way :D thanks again for commenting
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i will update as soon as i can. thanks for the encouragement.
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i know i felt horrible writing about this topic this time because of the Meryl. Thanks for the support
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i'm glad you like it. thanks for leaving feedback
good start, i am looking forward for more :D
I hope I will be able to have more out for you soon. We'll see
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Thanks! The idea of mixing the two was rather brilliant. That was all Kitnkabootle though lol. I hope to have more out soon.
Oh doll, you didn't disappoint! My god! This is wonderful. When I suggested Cath/Meryl - I never in a million years put together a scenario that could make it plausibly possible for fanfiction - and then in you come and write this piece of fictional gold. I JUST Love it. I think it's actually a forefront on my obsessions list right now. This is absolutely PERFECT. I think my favorite part is how Catherine didn't know Mary Louise Gummer was Meryl Streep (as would have been the case) and it just makes it seem so like an episode of CSI. And you write Meryl's reactions really believably. I just love the whole thing and I am so on board. MORE SOON!
God you had me grinning like an idiot all day after I read your response. I am so glad you liked this, because I was so worried it wasn't what you had, had in mind when we talked. I hope I can have another chapter at least started soon, but finals are coming up so I never know. I'm actually procratinating practicing for the oral part of my spanish exam which is tommorow at the moment lol. You totally made my day. Thanks so much!
PS sorry it took me a little while I was side tracked (suprise!?! lol)it's the Mirandy stories they get me every time. Hope all is well~ Carleigh
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Nicely written story. Interesting to see where this go even though I find it very weird using a "real-life" person in fan fiction as a victim... Different if the real person has a cameo or as a witness. If you used one of Meryl's character she played in a movie - fictional, that be a different matter all together, that way you can push the boundaries without offending such person that way.

Update soon...
I know what you mean, but the story was a request so I thought I would try it. I minimized the damage done even though I felt extremely guilty writing this. So hopefully the story will turn out okay. Thanks for the support and honest opinion.
When will Chapter 2 likely to be up? LOL! I didn't want to sound pushy, just intrigued to see what happens next! lol!
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